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Top Android Games for Game Show Fans

Are you a fan of game shows and Android devices? If so, then you should consider the following game show apps for Android phones and tablets:


  1. Wheel of Fortune

There are multiple versions of this classic game show app for Android. There’s the “Wheel of Fortune” slot machine that puts the long-running game front and center.

There’s also the Android app that includes the features the popular game that’s been aired on TV since 1975. This game requires you to spin the wheel, select a letter, then attempt to solve the puzzles to win the game.

This is an oldie-but-goodie game that you should consider if you’re looking for a classic game show app for your Android gadget.


  1. Deal or No Deal

“Deal or No Deal” hasn’t been running as long as some other well-known game shows, but has still become one of the most popular game shows in US history. It’s also been exported from America to several other countries. Here’s your chance to try out your luck against the banker.


  1. Pawn Stars: The Game

If you’re a fan of the TV show you know, it’s not exactly a game show even though it has a lot of interesting facts and figures. What’s the Android app all about? As you might guess the app is based on the TV show “Pawn Stars.” If you think you’re a good negotiator and could turn it into a business, then you might want to try out this game.


  1. Family Feud 2

“Family Feud” is one of the longest U.S. shows, which is known as “Family Fortunes” in the UK. The good news is that you don’t have to attend a taping of the hit game show, and can instead enjoy the Android version of the game.


  1. Jeopardy!

This game is so popular that IBM built its Watson supercomputer to battle some past Jeopardy! champs. This is easily one of the most famous game shows in world history. Gameplay is quite easy and involves being given quiz answers than giving the questions. With the Android version, you can now play it on handsets and tablets that support the operations system.


  1. Pointless Quiz

Well, the quiz isn’t exactly pointless since it’s features as an Android app. This game originated in the UK and had a format similar to Jeopardy! But takes the concept to another level. “Pointless Quiz” requires you to give an answer to a question, but different from “Family Fortunes” you’re looking for the answer that nobody has given, rather than the top answer.


       7. Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

This game features various trivia-based categories via an Android app. You could challenge your 5th-grade kid or your friends to a game. The app is based on the official TV show and includes over 15,000 questions. That’s enough to keep you busy for a while testing your know-how against a grade school student.

Which of these game show apps for Android will become your next favorite? That’s the million-dollar question.

Top Slot Machine Apps for Android

Are you a fan of slot machine apps? If so, then there are many to choose from for Android devices. Here are some of the top ones:


  1. Party Casino

If you’re a fan of online slots, the party’s at Party Casino! The mobile app was relaunched in May 2016. The upgrades have greatly improved the phone/tablet app and are one of the top slots apps available.

Slots are Party Casino’s forte. The platform features several classic games including “Gonzo’s Quest” and “Starburst.” There are even new games including “Game of Thrones” based on the hit TV show.


  1. Wheel of Fortune Slots Casino

“Wheel of Fortune” is a long-running game show that premiered in 1975. Since then there have been many games launched for various devices including smartphones and tablets. Now you can also play slots with this Android app.

“Wheel of Fortune Slots” gives you the opportunity to meet Vanna White at the virtual casino. This app provides an authentic slots experience that’s based on one of the most popular US game shows of all time.

You can even customize your Wheel by adding Boost Tags to help to take your gaming to the next level. Wheel

upgrades can help you win bigger prizes.



  1. William Hill Vegas

William Hill casinos have been around quite a while, and now you can enjoy top-notch casino games via the mobile app for Android gadgets. William Hill is one of the world’s top brands for gaming as well as sports betting.

The app isn’t as exciting as other platforms, but it’s still an excellent one you should consider if you’re a slot machine fan.


  1. Bet365 Casino

This is another of the top Android slots apps. As the name suggests, this casino doesn’t close like many brick-and-mortar casinos. This was one of the first sites to offer an Android app for casino games. So it has tons of experience providing Casino games for phones and tablets.

Bet365 Casino includes over 250 casino games. That includes many very popular ones including “Top Gun” and “Age of the Gods.”

Are you looking for a way to download free Android apps with slots? If so, then visit Bet365 Casino. Use a special bonus code when you make the first deposit. That will provide you a 200% match bonus that’s worth up to 200 pounds.


  1. BGO Vegas

One of many reasons you should consider this slots app is that it includes a 20 free spins bonus. There are a lot of other great things about this app. This app’s popularity skyrocketed when the new mobile platform was released. The reason is that owners of Android devices can now play the top Internet casino games using their mobile devices.

One of the top features of BGO is keeping players excited and engaged. If you sign up for an account, you can get free spins/money each week. This allows you to play a ton of hit games including “Starburst,” “Mega Jackpot: Cleopatra” and others. This could easily become your next favorite mobile gaming app.

Top Casino Apps for iOS

Are you a fan of Internet casino games? If so, then you should consider iOS apps that let you enjoy the games while you’re on the go.

Are there any real money casino game apps?

Why yes. Yes there are.

Most online casinos have either stand-alone mobile apps or their websites are compatible with mobile phones and tablets. This is a big topic, but you can find the best list we’ve found here at’s list of the best casino apps for real money.

Ok, I don’t want to play for money. What are the best free apps?

Here are some of the best choices:

  1. Caesar’s Slots

You’ve heard of Caesar’s Palace, but how about Caesar’s Slots? This is another great app for iPhones and iPad if you’re an Internet slots fan. What’s great about this slots app is that you don’t have to visit Vegas to enjoy top-notch slots.

Caesar’s Slots brings the fun-filled experience to your iOS gadget. Not only that but it includes a free slots game, which adds more value to your gaming experience. There are also a ton of apps included in this app including “Richie Rich” and “Pink Panther.”

  1. House of Fun

This is one of the top slots apps for iPhone/iPad. This app includes a ton of casino games. It offers daily bonuses and many playing options. The app has an old-school style that resembles the Las Vegas strip

  1. Big Fish Casino

Here’s another great casino app for iOS devices. This slot game gives you a great chance to win big. “Big Fish Casino” includes tons of fun-filled slots and outstanding special effects/sounds. The slots feature free spins as well as friendly competition vs. Facebook friends.

  1. Wheel of Fortune Slots Casino

This mobile app gives you the chance to play an iOS version of the long-running TV game show. You have a daily chance to win $100,000 in real money and other great prizes. Enjoy the authentic slots featured in the game.

Gamers also have the chance to customize their Wheel using special bonus wedges as well as Boost Tags. This will help to take your Wheel of Fortune games to the next level. Wheel upgrades result in bigger prizes.

There are several slot machines in the app including “Wheel of Fortune: Vanna Glamour Edition” and “Wheel of Fortune: Vegas Edition.”
You can even log in to Facebook and play the games using guest model. The Bonus Spin also gives gamers a chance to in Free Credits.

  1. GSN Casino

This is one of the world’s biggest mobile casino games. The game has already become a big hit. It includes classic/themed slot games. They include “Deal or No Deal,” “Wheel of Fortune,” and “Ghostbusters.

This is one of the best casino apps for iOS to consider.

  1. Monopoly Slots

The classic board game is featured in this slots app for iOS gadgets. The game combines the world of Monopoly with fast-paced casino jackpots. The Monopoly man can guide you through the game for iPhone and iPad. The app also includes fun mini-games that were inspired by the old-school board game and give you the chance to win huge jackpots.

  1. Hit It Rich!

Who doesn’t like being rich? This slots app includes tons of popular movie and TV characters like some other casino apps. There are many options including the “Sex and the City” and “The Wizard of Oz” game. There’s something for everyone with this app.

Top iOS Game Show Apps

Are you a fan of game shows? If you want to enjoy the experience of playing them without traveling to the studio where they’re filmed, then you should consider iOS apps that feature them. Here are some of the best options:


  1. Deal or No Deal

“Deal or No Deal” hasn’t been around as many other game show apps but it’s still one of the most popular ones on TV today. The app could have been more realistic. However, one big benefit of the iPhone/iPad version is that it gives players an opportunity to be a banker, which adds a new twist to the game.

This might seem in theory to be a big upgrade for the game. However, it makes the game somewhat mathematical process. It creates an odd situation because it’s about a game featuring people who don’t exist. It’s quite odd if you think about it. If you were personally asked the question you would answer “no deal.”


  1. Family Fortunes HD

This is the UK version of the original US game show “Family Feud.” The quiz is based on the results of (random) surveys. Players must pick the answers that were most popular. The cultural differences might be disappointing for fans of the original game; the game’s structure is in good shape.
There are some solid features in the game including multi-player competition and intuitive spell check. This isn’t the best game show app in the world but has received average reviews from players.


  1. Wheel of Fortune

There are multiple versions of this game including the “Wheel of Fortune” slot machine that gives you a chance to give it a spin to see if Lady Luck is with you.

There’s also the app for iPhones and iPads that simulates the actual TV show. This gives you the chance to spin the wheel then try to solve a puzzle by guessing the vowels and consonants in it. This show has been on TV for over four decades, so this is a great way for fans to give the game a spin.


  1. The Crystal Maze

This game from the 90s challenged a group of adventurers to use their minds to challenge a series of zones with themes. The process is the same for this iOS app. This game is actually close to becoming a big hit. However, one of the drawbacks is a big lack of individual game rooms in order to prevent experience from quickly becoming dull.

The developer has promised updates. However, it seems that this version of the game show could be better. On the other hand, the spoke phrases used by Richard O’Brien are a great bonus for the game. If more challenges are added this app could become a big hit.


  1. Weakest Link: Royal Wedding Edition

One issue is that the social aspect of the game is lost when it’s moved to the small screen of smartphones and tablets.

Mobile gamers have few character profiles and a user interface (UI) that’s somewhat confusing. This makes it a big confusing about who had a good round.

Top Word Puzzle Games for Android

Are you a fan of words and puzzles? If so, then you should check out these top apps for Android:


  1. Heads Up!

This challenges you to improve your guessing skills and guess the words on the card in your hand. After you pick a card or there’s a card to guess, the other players must give you clues to guess the word. However, the clock limits how much time you have to do that.


  1. Ruzzle Free

Yes, that’s “Ruzzle” Free. This is another word search game. It challenges you to locate the most words you can before the time runs out on the clock. There are bonus tiles to earn extra points, and making bigger words from jungle sets of tiles help you rack up bigger scores. You can also play versus friends for more competition. The game also includes tournaments to help you rank higher on the leaderboard.


  1. Wordathon

What’s this word puzzle for Android devices all about? This is a new take on word search games. You connect cubes located on the grid to find as many words as possible within a given timeframe. There are 4 grid types that you can play through. There’s also a new game each time you play. This will help to keep the game fresh and exciting.


  1. Scramble

Here’s another great word puzzle game for Android smartphones and tablets. This game was known in the past as “Scramble With Friends.” The game is still the same, though. The goal is to locate the most words possible before time runs out.


  1. Wheel of Fortune

This app is based on the hit TV game show “Wheel of Fortune” premiered over four decades ago in 1975. The game is featured in several mobile apps including “Wheel of Fortune Slots Casino’ This slots Android app lets players enjoy the game as though they were participating in the original game show.

This provides one of the most authentic experiences like playing at a Las Vegas casino or participating as a contestant on the game show. The app lets you customize the Wheel suing Boost Tags to improve your gameplay. The wheel upgrades help you to win bigger prizes.

Each time you spin the wheel, Vanna White will then spin the letters you correctly guess in the word puzzle. There are tons of slot games featured with this app to make it even more exciting. You can even use your Facebook account to play against your friends.


  1. Spelltower

Here’s another great word puzzle app for Android devices. This is a bit like a reverse Tetris. However, instead of puzzle pieces, it includes words. When starting the game, you’ll see a series of tiles located at the bottom of the screen.

You must search for words in them. As you move through the game, the tiles keep rising from the bottom. This requires you to find locate more words to eliminate the tiles and drop the set. In the case that the tiles reach the screen’s top you lose the game.



Looking for accessible apps for iOS, Android, Windows, or the Mac? You’ve come to the right place! We know we are far from having a complete and comprehensive list of every accessible app but we only include apps that we’re sure are accessible!

These apps are broken into categories by device then listed in alphabetical order with a short description of what the app does. The embedded links will take you to the apps download page or US iTunes listing.

If you have an app that we haven’t covered tell us about it and we will include it on an upcoming podcast, tutorial, or blog post. Your involvement will make this list better than we could ever make it on our own so your participation is highly encouraged! Be sure to subscribe to HTB2 by email so you don’t miss the new additions!


Able Road
Locate, rate, and review places like hotels, restaurants, theaters, and more.
Access World
The official app for the American Foundation for the Blind’s online publication Access World.
Accessible Minesweeper
A Voice Over friendly version of the classic minesweeper game.
Proudly supporting VO, this is a great media app for listening to the songs on your device and streaming other content from around the world.
Aipoly Vision
Uses artificial intelligence to identity products and colors in real time.
Akinator The Genie
Think of a character and AKinator will guess who it is after asking just a few questions.
Have a home alarm system? If your company supports you can control every aspect of your system through this awesome app.
Need a reminder app that keeps reminding you do complete a task? Unlike the build in Reminders app Alarmed will keep reminding you to finish your tasks!
All Access Talking Menu’s
Search by name and category or scan a logo to find restaurant menu’s, coupons, directions, and more.
The Amazon mobile app makes shopping on Amazon a breeze.
Amazon Cloud Player
Play the music you’ve purchased from Amazon on your device.
Amazon Instant Video
Stream movies and TV shows strait to your iOS device. Requires Amazon Prime membership.
Any List
Create grocery lists and recipes to easily share with your friends.
Apple Store
A full Apple store on your device. Buy hardware and accessories with your Apple ID and have them shipped right to your door.
Ariadne GPS
Find where you are and explore the map by touch.
Quickly find points of interest that are nearby.
The best way to listen to audiobooks, magazines, and periodicals.
Audible Timer
A simple clock you can use for exercising or cooking. Set it to announce on a variety of intervals.
Make voice recordings to share with the world! Sort of like Twitter by voice.
Take audio from one app and record it in another internally on your device.
Audio Archery
Use your ears to score as many points as possible in this audio game
Audio Defense
From the creators of Papa Sangre. Take on hords of the undead with a wide variety of weapons. Complete arena challenges or take on endless mode to score tons of points!
Bacon Reader for Reddit
The most accessible app for iOS for interacting with all of your Reddit communities. Fully featured and free with ads.
Banjo Tuner
Tune your banjo and get to picking’ with this simple tuner.
Bard Mobile
All your Library of Congress content in one sweet little app!
Be My Eyes
Whether your blind and need some sighted help or sighted and want to lend your eyes this app will pair a visually impaired person who needs sighted assistance with a sighted person who’s willing to help. Uses the built in camera so the sighted person can look at anything the visually impaired person needs help with.
Bible App
A great bible app for children.
Bible Gateway
Study the words of the prophets of old with this accessible Bible app.
Big Oven
Take 250,000 recipes and your shopping list with you! Add your own recipes to save for later.
Set up a personal cloud and store your data to access on all your devices.
Shorten a URL and share it anywhere you want. Track stats and save your Bitly’s for later.
Black Friday
Get prepped for the big day! Find the deals and make your plan to get ahead of the hordes.
Blindfold Bowling
A simple and entertaining bowling game.
Blindfold Dominos
Love dominos or just have time to kill? This VO friendly game will give you what you need!
Blindfold Pingpong
Hang on tight to your phone and swing it around like a paddle in this virtual game of pingpong.
Blindfold Racer
Haven’t driven a car in a while? Now’s your chance to take to the road in this audio racing game. Challenge your friends and try to be the fastest without crashing!
Blind Bargains
Great deals on new and used items for the blind and visually impaired.
Blind Square
Find the points of interest around you. Has it’s own speech engine so it still works when the screen is locked.
Bored at Work Blackjack
Boss Jock Studio
A great way to podcast. Load your own music or sounds and play them back while you record.
Braille Sonar Pro
Having trouble recalling a Braille contraction or the use of a specific symbol? This is the App for you! This App contains access to a database of over 1,000 Braille symbols, contractions, and commonly misconstrued symbols.
Write in markdown on your mobile device.
Take a picture of virtually any object and CamFind will identify it for you.
Carbonite Mobile
Backup all your photos and videos to your Carbonite account and view them anywhere
Catch 52
Catch dropping playing cards from the top of the screen. You must catch all of either the picture cards or all the cards of a named suit (spades, diamonds, clubs, or hearts) by pressing the right screen button or tap the left screen to reject all the other cards.
Clear Record Premium
A high quality and easy to use voice recorder.
Clever Clues
A challenging word game that is fully compatible with voice over.
Copy and store URL’s, pictures, and text and come back to them later. Never copy and paste one thing at a time again.
College Football Radio and Live Scores
Get all the college football radio broadcasts in the palm of your hand.
Colorado Avalanche
The official iOS app for the Colorado Avalanche NHL team. Find everything Avs related right here!
Daily Horoscope
Find out what the stars have in store for you.
Date Picker
Ever wanted to know what day of the week someone was born or an event took place? Enter a date and Date Picker will tell you what day of the week it happened on.
Delivery Status TouchA $5 app that will track packages on their way to you.
Dice World
Kill some free time with this pack of addictive dice games.
One of the best apps for finding and listening to podcasts. Search for a show or add the Url manually.
As soon as Drafts is opened your in a text field. Fill it out first then decide where to send it. No need to go to individual apps like Twitter, Notes, or Reminders, anymore.
Store your data and documents in the cloud and access them everywhere.
Quickly record your voice and have it immediately uploaded to Dropbox.
Ear Trainer
Play an instrument? Train your ears to recognize different notes.
Use your voice to control Earl and listen to newspapers, books, magazines, and websites.
Pair the bluetooth device to a rowing machine and stick it in the 30 pin connector on your device. You can then use this app to listen to all your stats. Requires the Wahoo Key.
Stay organized and sync all your notes and thoughts between devices.
Fast Customer
Hate waiting on hold while trying to reach customer service? Let this app navigate the phone tree for you! It will call you when a real person is finally on the line!
The companion app for the FitBit health tracker. Check all your stats and track your healthy living.
Create your own social magazine with your favorite articles and stories. A unique layout and interface. Also lets you link to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.
Fun Blast Trivia
A fun and accessible trivia game for iOS.
Garage Band for iOS
Record and mix music in the palm of your hand.
Glock Forum
A great social forum for every gun enthusiast.
Go Pro
Connect to your Go Pro and control every camera function! Even has a live preview on the iPad!
Google Chrome
A fast and powerful web browser by Google.
Google Drive
Store all your info in the Google cloud! 5GB for free!
Google Voice
Use your Google Voice number on your device. Make and receive calls and texts with ease!
Find nearby restaurants and order strait from your iOS device.
Guide for iOS 7
Tips, tricks, news, and announcements all surrounding iOS 7.
Hanging With Friends
A great way to play hangman with others.
A cross platform voice messaging service. Simple and easy.
Home Shopping Network
The power of the HSN in the palm of your hand.
Hop Stop
Get details on all your local public transportation services.
Hourly News
Launch the app and immediately get the latest news read to you.
iBlink Radio
A resource packed application from SeroTek. More podcasts and resources than can ever be absorbed.
A great app for managing and listening to your podcasts.
A fully accessible and addicting dice game.
iHandy Level Free
An extremely simple level. Simply reads out degrees and nothing more.
iHearYou Lite
Entertain your little ones with animal sounds and pictures.
iHeart Radio
Stream a huge selection of radio stations around the world from your iOS device.
iHockey Radio Pro
Listen to audio broadcasts of all NHL games.
Get your mob on with this text based multiplayer mob game. Buy weapons, vehicles, and protection. Recruit mob members, and attack other players.
Find where you are, points of interest around you, and record voice notes to attach to them.
Take a picture of your money and have voice over identify it for you.
Sort of like Twitter for pictures. Snap a photo and share it with the world!
InstaJam Pro
Fit an entire drum kit oin the palm of your hand!
Save webpages and articles for later offline reading.
iTip Calculator
A fuly accessible tip calculator.
A great way to track your workout on a treadmill.
A great way to look up plane ticket prices from a wide variety of different airlines.
Read magazines and e-books with Amazon’s iOS app.
King of Dragon Pass
Travel through this mythical text based saga and fill your time with quests and adventures.
Link that Word
A great word game that trains your brain to link related words.
A simple but powerful RSS reader.
List Recorder
A simple but powerful voice recorder.
LookTel Money Reader
Open the app and it will identify your money in real time. No need to take a picture and wait for processing.
LookTel Voice Over Tutorial
Learn all the ins and outs of the Voice Over on iOS.
Lords and Knights
A medieval strategy based MMO. Build up your castle, recruit troops, and attack your enemies.
Mac Daily News
Get alerts every time Apple makes a wave in the news. Stay up to date on the latest Apple news.
Serves anyone that wants to: – chat with a Mountbatten Brailler user using his/her iOS device, – collect files from Mountbatten Brailler memory for reviewing or editing, – emboss files, and more!
Tweet live streaming video right from your device.
Use your device as a mic or megaphone when it’s connected to bluetooth speakers.
MLB At Bat
Get all the stats and standings as well as game audio for every team and game.
MotionX 24-7
A high quality activity tracker and sleep monitor.
Mouse Kick
protect your cheese and enjoy the great sounds. Flick the mice off your screen with your fingers.
Another addicting and accessible word game.
Manage all the details for your AT&T account with their official app.
My Medical
An app for tracking your personal medical information.
My Way Lite
A handy little navigation app that lets you drop digital bread crumbs to follow later.
Relax with the soothing sounds of nature.
Adds a text box to your notification center so you can quickly save thoughts, ideas, links, or just about about anything else to your Dropbox account.
Nebulous Notes
Take notes and back them up to Dropbox.
Next Door
A free and private social network just for your neighborhood.
NFB News Line
Get all your news line content on your iOS device.
NHL Game Center Live
The official app of the NHL. scores, schedules, standings, game audio and video highlights.
The Night Jar
Avoid aliens and other hazards while trying to solve the mystery of what happened to your spaceship named the Night Jar. Uses great 3D audio and sound effects.
Nike Plus
Track your runs with Nike Plus and a Shoe Pod. Save your milestones and share them with your friends.
The iOS E-Reader by Barnes and Noble. More than 3 million books at your fingertips.
Create notes with ease and save them to Dropbox or google Drive.
Create, review, and edit spreadsheets from your iOS device.
OoTunes Radio
Infinite music, talk, sports and entertainment radio.
Stream your favorite artists and create custom stations to stream to your device.
Papa Sangre
Enter Papa’s dark palace to save the soul of someone you love. From the makers of the Night Jar, this game uses great 3D audio and challenging levels to keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat.
Papa Sangre 2
The highly praised sequel to the popular audio game Papa Sangre. All new story and levels, same great game!
ParcelTrack the progress of your packages. In app purchase will let you get push notifications to keep you updated on shipping progress.
Securely send payments and manage your account on your mobile device.
Pay Finders
Looking for a place to use Apple Pay? This app will show you nearby businesses that support it.
They claim to be the best calculator on iOS. We’ll leave that choice up to you. Super handy for calculating tips for our US listeners.
Peace is yet another social network available on iOS. It’s new so we’ll see if it grows into something people actually use. It is accessible though.
Brought to you by the folks at Twitter, this app will let you broadcast video live from your device anywhere you can get a connection. If you don’t want to broadcast you can watch the live streams of others and chat with them while they’re live on the air!


Pet First Aid
This app by the American Red Cross will help you keep your pet happy and healthy.
Photo Voice
Save a voice tag attached to your photos.
Plain Text
Create and manage notes on your device and sync them with Dropbox.
Pocket Time Bomb
Turns your phone into a vibrating timer. Great for giving speeches when you don’t want Voice Over speaking out loud.
Pocket Yoga
Don’t have time for the gym? With great descriptions of each position Pocket Yoga is a great way to keep in shape.
A free app for tracking your packages.
Pro Football Radio and Live Scores
Get all the NFL game audio streaming to your iOS device.
Quick Office
Create Microsoft Office documents on your device and sync them right to google.
Stream millions of songs right to your device for $15 a month. Comes with a free two week trial.
Raed 2 Go
The most accessible daisy book reader on iOS
Run Keeper
Track your running distance, time, and pace, with just a press of a button.
Saving Star
Grocery E-Coupons: Save money on your groceries with this digital coupon book.
Say Play
Play any song in the world simply by saying its name.
Sixth Sense
3D sound horror shooting game. Kill the zombies before they get to you.
A free app that lets you track your packages.
Shortcuts Keyboard
Customize the keys on this keyboard to type anything you want whether it’s an email address, home address, or entire sentences! Type it all with the press of a single button!
The most popular voice and video chat client on the market.
Slacker Radio
Stream great music, talk radio, and sports right to your device.
Sonos Controller
Control your Sonos HiFI system from anywhere in your house.
Unlock warriors to take on quests and into battle against other players. Expand your castle and earn gold to level your heroes. A unique and fully accessible adventure game.
Sound Cloud Find new songs, podcasts, and other audio. Make your own channel and share with the world!
Sound Hound
Use this app to identify a song playing nearby. Gives you all the artist and song info as well as a link to iTunes.
Soup Master
Thousands of soup recipes with step by step instructions.
Speaking Calculator
A fully accessible and simple calculator. Includes voice feedback.
Get free streaming music to your iOS device. Not usable on Android.
Create and share live audio broadcasts from your device.
A replacement for the Google Voice app that is much easier and and powerful. Manage multiple accounts from one app.
Talking Goggles
Identify logos, products, images. books and more.
Talking Tuner
Tune your instruments! When you play a note this app will announce what note you played and if it’s sharp or flat.
Designed to help the blind and visually impaired identify objects and products.
Ted Talks
Great speeches by experts in every field you can imagine. Learn something new with Ted Talks.
Text Detective
A completely voice over friendly OCR app.
Text Grabber
A mobile OCR with translator.
The only true TNO, point to point encrypted messaging app for iOS. At least that we know of.
Play over 30 instruments on your device.
Made to work on the Apple Watch. This app will buzz the time so you can mute Voice Over and be discrete.
Tornado by the American Red Cross
Live in tornado alley? This app has everything you need to prepare your home and family for an emergency.
Touch Target
A word game to rule them all. Gives you random letters and the total number of possible words they can make. Your job is to figure out what they all are.
Transit Times Plus
Plan your trip with offline timetables, maps, and service alerts.
Trivia Crack
Want to challenge a friend to some healthy trivia? This game is a must for all trivia enthusiasts out there!
Tune in Radio Pro
Tons and tons of radio start stations just waiting to stream to your device.
Turf Wars
A location based mob game that lets you claim turf near your location, attack nearby mobsters, buy weapons, complete missions, and generally be an all around thug. Mostly accessible and good at teaching you how to play.
The native Twitter app for iOS. Powerful and effective.
TweetList Pro
Clean and simple. Manage your Twitter account with ease.
Twiterrific 5
A simple and easy Twitter client.
Get all the TWIT programming audio and video live on your device.
Type in Braille
Type on your screen with a braille keyboard.
Forget cabs! Hail a private driver strait from the app! No cash? That’s fine! All transactions are handled by the Uber app!
Have real people read great news articles to you.
Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader
Impress your friends with thousands of useless facts from Uncle John.
The Upper Room
Get daily devotional messages right on your device.
USAA Mobile
One of the most accessible banking apps available. If you have USAA you’ll be very happy using this app.
Sort through the App Store and find the ones built for use with Voice Over. Brought to you by the Braille Institute.
Vice News
If you enjoy Vice News stories then get their official iOS app and stay informed.
Vision Assist
A great portable magnifier.
by Twitter: Share short looping video clips with the world.
Voice Dream Reader
Have your text read to you in high quality voices.
Voice Over Timer
A simple and easy voice timer.
Connect with your local Walgreens.
Organize your life. Jot down your to do list, create reminders, and get things done!
What’s This Address
Uses Google Map data to get your current address.
Where To Go
A list of pet relief areas at airports across North AMerica.
Where To Go
Use GPS to locate points of interest around you.
Write 2 is an ultimate note taking, writing & markdown editing app. It utilizes all of its great features to give you the best experience while typing on your iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad.
XFINITY Go for Comcast
Comcast customers only. Watch your content right from your device.
Yankee Candle
Purchase all your favorite Yankee Candle products on the go!
The best way to find and watch YouTUbe videos on iOS.
Zello walkie Talkie
Voice chat with your friends or complete strangers with Zello.
Zombies, Run
Boost your workouts by evading a horde of zombies that want to eat you. Perform or die! Collect items as you run to build up your fortress.
A powerful and effective ad blocker for your iPhone or iPad. Sometimes enough is enough!
4 Down
Beautiful, sleek quick crosswords for iPhone and iPad
7 Little Words
A mix between a cross word puzzle and anagram. If word games are your thing, this is a must have.
15 Minute Meals
A variety of quick and easy recipes.
55,000 Amazing Quotes
We’ll give you one guess what this app does for you.


Aqua Mail
A very popular email app.
Automate It
Make your Android device read your mind…almost.
Darwin Wallet
Identify your money in real time.
Sync all your data in the cloud and between all your devices.
DW Dialer
Customize your dialer and contacts in tons of different ways!
Easy Voice Recorder
The name says it all. Simple and Talk Back friendly.
Facebook Pages Manager
Manage your Facebook page right from your Android device. A little clunky but it gets the job done.
The FireFox browser is one of the best on Android. App specific gestures make it a breeze to use.
Go Pro
Control your Go Pro camera, share your pictures and videos, and update your firmware right from this handy little app.
Go Read
Read your BookShare books on your device.
Google Goggles
Identify images, products, and landmarks using the camera on your device.
Google Hangouts
Talk with a friend or a group through Hangouts. This app is not Voice Over friendly on iOS.
Google Keep
Similar to Notes on iOS. Sync notes, pictures, and audio recordings.
Google Plus
Get more social then you already are. Google Plus is not accessible on iOS but it is on Android!
Hey Tell
Voice chat with your friends. Simple and easy to use.
Hi-Q Voice Recorder
Well, a high quality voice recorder.
Ideal Currency Identifier
Identify your money with your camera.
Ideal Web Reader Beta
An accessible web browser.
Save websites and articles for later offline reading.
K9 Mail
A great email app for your device.
Lords and Knights
A medieval strategy based MMO. Build castle defenses, recruit troops, and wage war on your enemies! There are some unlabeled buttons but the game is still playable.
Forget cabs! Use Lyft to hail a nearby driver to take you where you need to go.
Serves anyone that wants to: – chat with a Mountbatten Brailler user using his/her Android device, – collect files from Mountbatten Brailler memory for reviewing or editing, – emboss files, and more!
Nearby Explorer
Coming in at $99 this is one of the most expensive apps you’ll encounter. It’s also, hands down, one of the best navigation apps available on Android. If you’re a traveler this app is a must!
Next Door
A free and private social network for your neighborhood.
Buy, download, and read e-books right on your device.
Nova Launcher
A great replacement for the default Android launcher.
Stream your favorite artists and songs right to your device.
Make mobile payments and manage your PayPal account on your device.
PDF to Speech Pro
Read PDF files on your device.
Phone Weaver
Teach your device to automatically change from silent to vibrate or turn your sounds on based on time, location, or other similar triggers.
Podcast Addict
A simple and fully accessible pod catcher.
RSS Reader
A fully accessible RSS reader. Subscribe to all your favorite websites and blogs and get notifications each time new content is found.
Run Keeper
Track all your runs via GPS. Save your records and share your activities with your friends.
Screen Timeout Toggle
Control the timeout length set on your device with ease!
Take complete control of your screen brightness. Set your brightness to 0 to save your battery and keep prying eyes off your screen.
The most popular voice and video chat client.
Spotify Mobile
Stream millions of songs right to your device for free!
Identify products and images with ease!
Tune In Radio Pro
Millions of songs on thousands of radio stations waiting to stream to your device.
Tweetings for Twitter
Possibly the best Android Twitter app.
Carry the TWIT Network’s live stream around in your pocket!
Watch On
Watch TV on your device. Sorry but this one is Samsung devices only.
Zello Walkie Talkie
Talk with your friends or complete strangers with Zello.
1 Password
A powerful password manager that makes securing your online presence a breeze!


Abby Fine Reader Pro
OCR technology for your Mac.
Accessible Event
Hold meetings or webinars live! Brought to you by SeroTek.
Alpha Baby
Let your little ones play with your computer. Alpha Baby will just show different shapes and numbers when they press the keys. It won’t let them get to anything important unless they know how to type the word “quit”.
Amadeus Pro
One of the best and simplest audio editors on the Mac
Android File Transfer
Manage your Android files right from your Mac.
App Cleaner
Every time you install a program little bits of junk get stored on your hard drive. Even when you delete an app some of the extra bits are left behind. App Cleaner hates those bits and when allowed, will get rid of them for you.
Audio Converter
Convert most popular videos and audios to MP3, AIFF, MP2, OGG, WMA, WAV, AAC, AC3, AU, MMF, M4A, FLAC, etc.
Audiobook Maker
Turn your audio, or audio from video, into audiobooks compatible with iOS.
Audio Hijack Pro
Record every sound on your Mac. Great for podcasts, tutorials, or recording songs off the internet.
Baby Proof
Prevents key and mouse presses from controlling your computer. Launch Skype or turn on a movie then open Baby Proof and little fingers can’t navigate away from the current screen.
Bird Clock
Hear different birds chime every hour on the hour.
Change Reaction
A fully accessible game to help kill some free time.
Colloquy IRC
A free and accessible app for internet relay chat.
A combination between voice recorder and alarm. Use this app to stop forgetting the things you need to do!
Connect your mac to your phone via bluetooth then use your computer to answer and place calls. This app has some accessibility issues but once it’s configured it is useable.
Disk Cleaner Pro
Keep your Mac fast and clutter free with this simple to use utility.
Sync all your files across all your devices.
Sync your notes between your devices.
Garage Band
Note: version 10 is not accessible. Create and edit music, podcasts and much much more!
Google Chrome
A powerful web browser with Flash built in!
Instant TWIT
Obsessed with the TWIT Network? Get connected with a single click with Instant Twit.
iText Express
A clean and simple text editor.
From the makers of Audio Hijack Pro. Loopback gives you digital audio cables that let you route any audio from any source to any destination you want.
Mail Mate
Tired of the regular Mail app on your Mac? Mail Mate might be worth your time!
Mars Edit
A powerful blogging tool with support for the most popular blogging services like WordPress and Blogger. Write in rich text or HTML.
MenuTab Pro
Don’t like the browser Facebook experience? Download an alternate choice right to your Mac!
Night Owl
Hands down the best Twitter app for the Mac for Voice Over users. Power and still simple to use.
Create, edit, and review spreadsheets on your Mac
An accessible RSS reader.
RS Game Client
A cross platform utility that allows you to play games like Monopoly, Uno, Blackjack, and more.
Silver Dollar
Three simple and accessible games to help you kill some extra time
Text Expander
Create shortcuts that expand into entire phrases.
Transmit FTP
An accessible FTP and SFTP client for the Mac. One week free trial upon download.
The official Twitter app for the Mac is finally accessible! If you’re in need of a desktop client this might be the one for you!
VLC Media Player
One of the most powerful and versatile video players for the Mac.
YoruFukurou or Night Owl
Probably the best Twitter application on the mac.
YouTube to MP3
Type in a YouTUbe URL and get the audio in an MP3 file. It’s magic!
A great Skype replacement. 40 minutes of video conferencing for free.
1 Password
Create unique and complex passwords for your websites. Manage all your passwords in one place. Use a keyboard shortcut to fill in login details.


Altar Aeon
A text based multiplayer online RPG. Pick a class like Necromancer, Druid, or Warrior to complete quests and missions around an enormous world on your own or with groups of others. Completely free!
C Cleaner
clean up your registry and enhance PC performance.
Chicken Nugget
A wildly popular Twitter client.
Arguably the most accessible and secure web browser available for Windows.
An accessible and powerful audio editor.
Create ringtones for your iOS devices.
The Road to Rage
A first person shooter created for the blind. Navigate through different maps, find power ups and new weapons, and take down your challengers.
RS Game Client
Play games like Monopoly, Uno, Blackjack, and more with other players around the world.
Sound Forge Pro
A very powerful audio editor. Not for the feint of heart.Swamp
Aprone’s zombie first person shooter is sure to keep you entertained for hours. Hundreds of missions and quests, tons of weapons, and endless zombies will challenge you without end. $24 a year but well worth the cost.
Team Talk
Find a server and voice chat with people all over the world.
A very popular email client by the Mozilla family.
Towers of War
Your tower is under attack by waves of enemies. Place defenses along the path to your tower and survive as long as you can! Each wave brings new and more powerful enemies against you!
1 Password

Android Is The Most Common Platform For Games

Game shows have been decreasing in popularity over the course of the last view years. However, smartphone technology has made it possible for the door to game show entertainment to reopen via the various apps that allow the user to participate in the games. People who enjoy game shows such as Whose Price is Right, Deal or No Deal, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire will find the apps based off of the shows to be incredibly entertaining as well as time filling! With the technology we have today, you can not only watch the game shows, but participate as if you are actually in the crowd.


Android is the most common platforms that offer these game show gaming apps. There are five apps in particular for the avid game show junkie. The first app is called Game Show Adventure. It is a trivia based game which features quizzes based on your knowledge in game shows. Arcade pub quiz games, which are mainly at local pubs, inspired this app immensely. The game turns your hand held smart device in a fun little generator that you will struggle to put away or even let charge for a few moments. Not only is Game Show Adventure fun, challenging, and entertaining, but it also improves the users coordination, memory, sense of logic, and knowledge. People who have used this app also feel as though their puzzle solving skills and reflexes improved as well.


The second app is called Millionaire 2016. This is the latest version of the Millionaire series which is available on mobile devices. This app is based on TV-Millionaire, a famous and widely popular game show. The game is free, has smooth graphics, great sound quality, help options for those who need it, online rankings, and much more! The third app is called Whose Price is Right based on the game show, The Price is Right. It allows the user to do just what they do in the actual show. You bet on the prices of products, swirl it, and lock it in! The more accurate your guesses of the product prices are, the more coins you will earn. You can also win prizes which you can keep or convert into coins. Get your friends to join so that you can create matches and play against them!

The fourth app is called Deal or No Deal based on the game show Deal or No Deal.  This is an as seen on TV app and is sure to entertain! You can play a story version of the game or partake in the classic version. There is a box picking where you do not have to answer question or use power ups. You can download the app for free but it is also available in a premium package.  The fifth app is based on the game show Family Feud. There is a first version to the gaming app entitled, “Family Feud 1”. However, the newest version is called Family Feud 2. With entirely new graphics, surveys which are updated from the previous edition, and twists that help you get your scores higher than ever, this gaming app will not disappoint you! Some of the features include: being able to challenge your family and friends and even anyone you choose from the online community for this game, discovering new tournaments, new power up options and much more!


No matter what your favorite game show is, there is a likely an online app for it. These apps listed above were the top game show apps for Android. Enjoy the games today!